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Cheers! Join us for the art of Mixology. Our mixology classes are available for small groups and private events. (Private events should book through our contact form) Open Bar Hospitality Mixology classes a Fun. Informative. Fabulous and interactive learn how to make a delicious well balance crafted cocktail. Experiment with fresh, herbs, spices bitters, and more. The classes are two hours long. Consist of a basic overview of bar tools, glassware, ice, and shaking techniques. Learn the art of creating a fresh herb-infused simple syrup. Our mixologist will then demonstrate how to make the featured cocktails of the evening. Each guest gets to sample all 3 cocktails and then get to recreate their favorite cocktail.

Mixology Options

Option 1: Prohibition Era Mixology

Option 2: Speakeasy & Classic Cocktail

Our Mixologists will lead you into the history and birth of the classic cocktail during the Prohibition Era cocktails like the Sazerac, French 75, Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

Option 3: Seasonal Fresh & Fruity Mixology

Mixing & Shaking with fresh Herbs, Spices and Produce

Our Mixologists will source local fresh produce, herbs, and botanicals from the Farmer’s Market for seasonal cocktails. Experiment with these unique ingredients ranging from Rhubarb, and lemongrass to raspberries and gooseberries- through juicing, blending, and infusion to create delicious market-fresh cocktails.

Margarita & Tequila

Our mixologist will take you on the journey of the Tequila aging process and the various categories. Which tequila is great for mixing, and which ones are best to sip and savor. Our mixologist will experiment with various herbs and spices for our margarita bar such as Jalapeno & Hibiscus, Blood Orange, Mango & Guava Margaritas.

$85 per person

Recipe cards will be emailed to guests to continue the experience at home. OB homemade simple syrups are available for purchase to continue the experience at home. 3-4 cocktails per package. Choose one of the options above.